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Before Rehoming a Flatcoated Retriever here are a few guidelines that may be helpful.
Are you home most of the time?
We prefer our rehomed dogs not to be left for long periods because Flatcoats do need plenty of human company. In the first few weeks it is very important to establish a routine and settle your new dog. It must be remembered that they may be a little anxious and sometimes bewildered at the change in circumstances.
Most Flatcoats settle very well and we will always be available for advice and help should any problems be encountered.
Your Area Co-ordinator or Volunteer will be there for support.
Have you other Dogs or Cats?
Something that must be considered before rehoming is the impact introducing another dog may have on the other animals in your household.
Have you young children?
When thinking of rehoming a dog when you have young children it will be like having another child in the house!
Dogs do need as much attention sometimes as a child and are also dependent on your time. Older children obviously will be able to experience the companionship of a dog. The most important thing is NEVER leave a dog and a child alone together - neither know their own strength and that is how accidents happen.
Also to be considered are elderly relatives that may find a big bouncy dog a little too much.
Will all the family members be involved?
Vital for a successful rehoming everyone must be committed.
Is your Garden secure?
This is very important. A garden must be a safe place for a dog to have some freedom and fresh air.
Please Remember.............. 
Rehoming a dog is a committment and in the first few weeks you and the dog will be learning about each other. Flatcoats do settle well but there may be a period when the dog may test you!
You will have to learn to trust each other - don't forget the dog will not know what is expected of him it will be up to you to show him. 
All a Flatcoat really wants is plenty of love, time and a full tummy!
We do have a waiting list but if you would like to offer a Flatcoat a home please complete the  REHOMING FORM