Fun Day 10th Anniversary


10th Anniversary Year Reunion


As promised a report on our Fun Day.  With all  the lovely weather we had been having you can all imagine our horror when we saw the weather forecast for Saturday as being heavy rain all day! Thankfully the rain fell mostly over the Bristol and South Wales area and we missed the worst of it. Many who travelled said they almost turned back because the weather was so dire – but I am so pleased that they continued on.


I cannot thank all of you enough for making the day such a success and for Chris Woolner coming to the rescue when Rosemary Talbot had to have an operation and was sadly unable to come along – we hope that you are fully recovered now Rosemary. It was good to meet so many of you and to put ‘faces to names’ and as usual the time flew by and I did not get to spend time with you all as I had hoped but who knows perhaps we will do it again – I have had requests! A special mention for Jim and Evelyn who came down from Lancashire a long way for the day and brought Ash with them – what a lovely girl she is and so much happier now.

All our Novelty classes were well attended and Chris had plenty to keep him busy.

Glenis did a great job stewarding and keeping things running smoothly. Nigel Bentley did a fantastic job as Master of Ceremonies and think he may well have taken some more bookings!


It was so nice to meet up with so many ‘our dogs’ and see them all so happy.  Lovely to see Finn, Bobby and Lady three dignified oldies.


We had one crisis on the day the Catering Van failed to arrive but thanks to Darren and Sonia who live nearby, rescued the day by dashing off and collecting their bar-b-que and buying burgers, sausages and buns – what lovely people we have in the Rehoming. Roz also went shopping and came back with some sandwiches and rolls and my neighbours Dan and Amy brought some cans of drink along. Thank you all.


We had a wonderful day and the dogs were all so well behaved no grumbles and all smiles! The many letters and emails that I have received have all commented on the friendly atmosphere and how much they all enjoyed the day. So despite the grey skies it was ‘sunshine all the way’ we know that flatcoats have a great sense of fun and will certainly enjoy their days out!
Thanks to Brenda and Gordon from Lincolnshire who organised the  Agility - it was only a fun course but many had a go. Thanks also to Brenda for signing copies of her wonderful book Illusion.
The Tombola and Raffle did exceptionally well and we held an inpromtu Auction at the end of the day because over the years I had collected several flatcoat items that had been donated and some items were donated for the Fun Day so it was an ideal opportunity to raise more funds! It was very successful and thank you all. We raised over £500 overall on the day which was truly amazing.
Mary Haines



   Best in Show  - Truly - Flatcoated Retriever  
 Reserve B.I.S - Layla.- Belgian Shepherd  



A letter from my friend Finn


Dear Aunty Mary 

Thank you so much for the lovely party! I had a great time! I must admit I did wonder where we were going, the journey went on and on but I did doze off for a while so it wasn't so bad. Bebe came along for the ride ( I don't think Mum wanted to leave her alone with Tigga -- those two can get up to some mischief I can tell you!)

Mum had brought my rain coat - just in case - but luckily it wasn't needed, the weather was a bit windy but that was all.

Well what a surprise! So many lovely dogs and people to chat to, I was amazed how many people seemed to know me I guess they'd read about me in the magazine. Anyway I got lots of cuddles and it was great to finally meet you.

Mum bought us some treats from a very nice man who was selling dog food -- I've been sharing them with the rest of the family -- have to watch my waistline!!

I'd heard the others talk about 'agility' but didn't really know what it was about, well would you believe it? there was a course set up and I had a go! The jumps were ok but there was NO WAY I was going into that tunnel!! I was however pretty good at the weave poles even if I do say so myself. Who would have thought it -- 13 years old and still trying new sports!! 

Mum told me there was a fun dog show and I entered 3 classes.

I thought I was certain to win 'The most dignified dog' -- but there was a lovely elderly lady in the class with me and there was no way I would beat her. (After all -- I have always believed in ladies going first!) I was second and the judge ( a very nice man!) said I was the epitome of the breed.( not sure what he meant but it sounded good and the others were impressed when I told them!)

Half way through the day there was a parade of all the dogs who had been rehomed and so there we were all walking round the ring while everyone clapped. I felt so proud!

It's a pity really that we all live so far apart it would be great to be able to get together more often. I don't think I have ever met so many happy dogs who clearly were so much loved by their people.

I hope you like the photos. Mum told me about the lovely ones you sent but I don't need photos to remind me -- I have my memories and your party is one of my treasured ones!

Lots of love and licks from your friend. Finn
FUN DAY -  Novelty Show – Results.




                      Best in Show  -  or the dog the judge would like to take home.

                                                   15    TRULY         Lee

                     Reserve B.I.S – or the next dog the judge would like to take home.

                                                    3     LAYLA         Clarke


 Prettiest Bitch

                                      1st     3       Leyla           Clarke

                                      2nd   15     Truly             Lee

                                      3rd    13     Ripple          Taylor

                                      4th    14     Beula           Bentley

                                      5th    12     Lady             Skates


 Handsome Dog


                                      1st    7        Merlin         Owen

                                      2nd   11     Woody         Gittoes

                                      3rd    10     Bobby          Bowman

                                      4th    17     Hamish        Hughes

                                      5th    20     Casey           A. Perry


 Most Dignified Oldie (over 7yrs)


                                    1st    25     Nessa          Bentley

                                    2nd    8      Finn             K. Perry

                                    3rd     4      Prince         Winn

                                    4th     5      Cassie         Barber

                                    5th     15    Ash             Lee


 Waggiest Tail

                                   1st    24    Aodhan        Brooke

                                   2nd   23    Ezra              Blackmore

                                   3rd    19    Frank            Killick

                                   4th    21    Kizzie            Haines

                                   5th    15    Truly             Lee


Most Beautiful Eyes

                                    1st    5    Cassie      Barber

                                    2nd   25  Beula       Bentley

                                    3rd    1    Tilly          Hennessey

                                    4th   23   Zak           Blackmore

                                    5th   6     Amy         Hutton


 Best Condition (under 7yrs)


                                      1st    15    Truly         Lee

                                      2nd   12     Lady         Skates

                                      3rd    3       Leyla       Clarke

                                      4th    7       Merlin     Owen

                                      5th    6       Cari         Hutton


Best Mover


                                      1st     15   Truly        Lee

                                      2nd     7     Merlin     Owen

                                     3rd     29    Finlay      Woodall

                                     4th      8     Finn         K. Perry

                                     5th      6     Meg         Hutton