About Independent Flatcoated Retriever Rehoming

 ' No one has a kinder braver heart than a Flatcoat anywhere'

              Polly                                                                                                                                                      scan0002

The picture of Polly was drawn by Jean Hayman and she kindly allowed us to use the picture as our logo. Polly was owned by Glenis Packham who co-founded the Independent Flatcoated Retriever Rehoming with Mary Haines in 1999. 
We are a group of Flatcoated devotees who using our own resources set up the Independent Flatcoated Retriever Rehoming. 
Our priority will always be the welfare of any Flatcoat needing rehoming or help. 
Using our ever increasing network of Co-ordinators, Volunteers and contacts we are able to manage most situations where a flatcoat may need rehoming or assistance.
We assess each dog to enable us to match it with the most suitable home on our Waiting List.
All prospective new homes will be vetted.
Each situation is treated individually.
It is not our policy to purchase dogs.
It should be appreciated that each Rehoming has different reqirements and where possible we work with the parting owner and the new owner to enable us to rehome 'home to home'. When this is not possible our dogs will be fostered in a home enviroment, we do try to aviod putting dogs in kennels.
We try to carry out all Rehoming with as little stress to the dogs as possible.
We also fully understand how difficult it is to make the decision to rehome and we will do our best to be as supportive as possible. 
Veiw our Guidelines  
It is the policy of this rehoming to rehome Flatcoated Retriever X's and if you would be interested in rehoming a 'X' please tick yes on the  Rehoming Form
If you need to rehome your dog we do understand what a difficult decision this can be and will try to help you.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for a chat.    
See Parting Owners we hope this will help you.
All our co-ordinators are available to speak to you and help.
We are funded solely by donation and various fundraising events and we also publish a quarterly Magazine.
We have a small selection of Items for sale see Fundraising.
We welcome all enquiries in association with our work and if you would like to get involved with our organization or you have any questions please contact us 
If you would like to apply to rehome a Flatcoated Retriever there is an online form to complete and email or download. Please read the notes on the Rehoming page before completing the form.
Click Here for  REHOMING FORM
We welcome enquiries from you if you feel you would like to become a Volunteer or help out with transport etc. Please contact us and tell us a bit about yourselves and how you could help.
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