15th Anniversary Novelty Dog Show



Best in Show -  Robbie


Winner Of the Joan Mason Memorial Class Best Flatcoat


After weeks of worrying and hoping that the weather would be OK Saturday 17th dawned bright and sunny.

The Dog Show was held in conjunction with the Stanton St Quintin Village Fete and we were able to have a large tent supplied by the Army and we also decided to hire one ourselves just in case it rained  - as it turned out it was wonderful for shade for the dogs.

We were also extremely lucky to have some great support from  -

Burns  and  Fish4Dogs sent large boxes of sample packs of food and Burns sent two large bags of food for prizes.

They were used for B.I.S and R.B.I.S. Butchers dog food sent vouchers and our other sponsors were –

Lumleys Pet Shop (Malmesbury) who gave us £5 vouchers and are always very supportive,

Nurdins Garden Centre (Malmesbury) who donated half the hire charge for the tent,

David (my other half) donated the megaphone,

The Kennel Club who  sent a pack of show items,

Jolleyes (Chippenham) donated a back of food for a class and also gave us some vouchers.

Pedigree pet foods who also sent prizes.

Our Rosette sponsors and last but by no means least our Volunteers.


I have to say a very special Thanks to Shona Fromholc who sent me a prize for the Joan Mason Memorial Flatcoat Class – she had made a flatcoat out of a black towel and he even sported a lovely red collar and lead!  


Thanks also to Pam our ‘rosette lady’ did a wonderful job with the rosettes and they were much admired by all.


The show had ten novelty classes and our special flatcoat class in memory of Joan Mason.

Special Thanks also to Brian Izzard who judged and helped make it a fun afternoon.

You always worry that there will be no dogs to judge but we had a real selection for Brian to choose from - a St Bernard pup to a tiny little Yorkie plus a fine collection of Flatcoats!


All the dogs seemed to be on their best behaviour and I am going to mention my own two here – Chester and Kizzie – I was so proud of them because we lead a quiet life and they do not go out and about that much but they really seemed to enjoy themselves and Kizzie had her favourite person for the day my son Martin she loves him. Kayleigh my granddaughter took Kizzie in the ring and Martin took Chester and between them they won 4 rosettes. Kayleigh took the pair of them in best brace and handled them very well for a first timer!


 The Best In Show went to Sue Hart with her lovely Flatcoat  boy Robbie and Reserve Best in Show was Tiny  a Toy Poodle owned by a lady called Carly.


Results for the Joan Mason Memorial Flatcoat Class


1st     Sue Hart with Robbie.

2nd    Roger Millbank with Storm

3rd     Anne Bishop  with Nettle

4th     Lynda Copsey with Gem

5th     Suzi Tagg  with Lily


Rosettes were presented by Rosemary Talbot.

(Joan’s Daughter)


A special mention must go to Poppy’s Mum and Dad – Mandy and Jim Wellen who travelled all the way from  Maryport Cumbria to be with us. Jim also made some items for the stall out of the drift wood that Poppy ‘rescues’ from the beach.  I will put a picture in the Gallery and if anyone would like to buy any please contact Glenis.

It was lovely to meet Poppy rehomed by the IFRR she is certainly a very happy girl and very much loved by Jim and Mandy. Jim says she has brought so much fun into their lives and she makes them laugh every day.


Thanks to Heather and Tony who looked after the Rehoming Stall for us and also brought Murphy along – Murphy you may remember was Ann Collett’s boy and is still looking very well at 14yrs.

Thanks also to my sister Christine who took all the entries along with Daisy my great niece. Yes I am that old!


Another special mention must go to Iain and Gill Robbe  - who brought Poppy and Vesta up from Wales.

 Iain was MC for the day and did a great job – he was rather thrown in at the deep end with the megaphone that he knew nothing about and had to do a crash course from the instructions!  


Thanks to Tim for taking all the pictures.  


Thanks also to Suzi Tagg for her support .

Suzi  is Secretary of the Southern Flatcoated Retriever Club




Last but not least THANK YOU  to Glenis who stewarded for Brian and was there helping all day.

She also brought along some delicious cakes for ‘tea time’ which we all very much enjoyed.  

Glenis was also responsible for giving me a beautiful bouquet at the close of proceedings.

A very nice surprise.


To sum up the day I think we can say it was a big success and enjoyed by all and it was great to catch up with friends and hopefully we have made a few new ones.

Those that were too far away thank you for all your good wishes    -    Mary



                               RESULTS     NOVELTY DOG SHOW 17th MAY 2014


         BEST IN SHOW                     ROBBIE        Flatcoated Retriever           Sue Hart


             Reserve Best in Show     TINY              Toy Poodle                            Carly


Class 1   Most Appealing Eyes


  1.   19     Evey                     Yorkie                                                    Holly Harris
  2.   34     Amy                     Flatcoated Retriever                            Tim Snadden
  3.   10     Norman               Curly Coated Retriever                        Sandra Mistlin
  4.     4      Roxy                    Border Terrier                                       Barry Read
  5.   37      Rusty                   Springer Spaniel                                   Jack Williams


Class  2    Dog with Shiniest Coat

  1.   8          Bridget                  Flatcoated Retriever                                Suzi Tagg
  2.   17        Gem                       Flatcoated Retriever                               Lynda Copsey
  3.   42        Jess                         Labrador                                                    Mike Jones
  4.   22        Molly                      Chocolate Labrador                                 Amanda Tonks
  5.   14        Bonnie                    Springer Spaniel                                       Andy Malin

Class  3    Waggiest Tail

  1.   1          Ripple                      Cocker Spaniel                                        Steve Taylor
  2. 14          Bonnie                     Springer Spaniel                                     Andy Malin
  3.  42         Jess                           Labrador                                                  Mike Jones
  4.  33         Robbie                     Bassett Fauve De Bretagne                  Roger Starling
  5.  20         Harry                        Golden Retriever                                   Andrew Weaver

Class  4   Best Rescue

  1. 29          Iris                           Flatcoated Retriever                               Sue Hart
  2.  24         Boycie                     Utanargan                                                 Phillip Neal
  3.  46         Chester                   Flatcoated Retriever                               Mary Haines
  4.  38         Fabio                       Collie X                                                      Alison White
  5.   5          Poppy                      Flatcoated Retriever                               Jim & Mandy Wellen

Class  5  Oldie   7-10yrs

  1.  42          Jess                           Labrador                                                  Mike Jones
  2.  28          Holly                         Golden Labrador                                    Rosalind Brown
  3.  32          Zoe                           Jack Russell                                              Cerys James
  4.  15          Poppy                      Flatcoated Retriever                               Gill Robbe
  5.  38          Fabio                       Collie x                                                       Alison White
  6.   1           Ripple                      Cocker Spaniel                                         Steve Taylor


Class  5A   Joan Mason Memorial  - Best Flatcoated Retriever

  1.  30          Robbie                    Flatcoated Retriever                               Sue Hart
  2.  41          Storm                                    “                                                    Roger Millbank
  3.  44          Nettle                                    “                                                    Anne Bishop
  4.  17          Gem                                      “                                                     Lynda Copsey
  5.   9           Bridgit                                   “                                                     Suzi Tagg      

Class  6  Golden Oldie   10yrs +

  1.  49        Tiny                            Toy Poodle                                                Carly
  2.  46        Chester                      Flatcoated Retriever                               Mary Haines
  3.  43        Tinca                          Springer Spaniel                                       Alice Dean
  4.  11        Honey                       Curly Coated Retriever                            Sandra Mistlin
  5.  18        Leigha                       Jack Russell                            

Class  7  Junior Handling   7-14yrs

  1.  9           Lilly                             Flatcoated Retriever                              Amy Browne                          
  2.  32        Zoe                              Jack Russell                                              Cerys James
  3.  19        Evey                            Yorkie                                                        Holly Harris
  4.  26        Gilly                            Chocolate Labrador                                Susan  Irving-Gibbons
  5.  14        Bonnie                       Springer Spaniel                                       Andy Malin
  6.  37        Rusty                          Springer Spaniel                                       Jack Williams
  7.  27        Cullan                         Golden Retriever                                     Dave Groce

Class  8  Best Brace – open to all pairs – any breed

  1.      Robbie and Stormy            -        Flatcoated Retrievers                       Sue Hart
  2.      Roxy and Boris                    -        Border Terriers                                 Barry Read
  3.      Tiny  and Cleo                      -        Toy Poodles                                      Carly
  4.      Kizzie and Chester               -       Flatcoated Retrievers                      Mary Haines
  5.      Bridgit and Lilly                    -       Flatcoated Retrievers                      Suzi Tagg

Class  9  Can Your Dog do a Trick?

         1.   18      Leigha                              Jack Russell

         2.   48      Willow                             Staffie (blue)                                             Jason Kean

         3.   47      Bauer                               Cocker  Spaniel                                         Mandy

         4.   45      Kizzie                               Flatcoated Retriever                                Mary Haines

         5.   38      Fabio                               Collie X                                                       Alison White


Class 10   Dogs that have not won a prize


  1.  23      Rosie                                Black Labrador                                         Amanda Tonks
  2.             Bailey                               Beagle    
  3.  2         Lucy                                 Cocker Spaniel                                         Marilyn Challoner
  4.  36       Peter                               King Charles Spaniel                                Anita Druce