Information for Parting Owners


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Information for Parting Owners

 Unfortunately for some owners circumstances can sometimes dictate there is no solution other than making a decision to re-home their dog whether it is a puppy or an adult.

This could be for many reasons: i.e. bereavement, separation, work commitments, financial circumstances or problematic i.e. barking, behavioural, chewing, destructive, hyper-active; or because the dog has not turned out to what was expected.

Whatever the reason we not here to judge, our prime concern will always be the welfare of the dogs

Before re-homing your decision should be given a lot of thought and consideration - once a dog is re-homed, you would not be able to ask for the dog to be returned.

 Aims and Objectives

Our objective is to place dogs in need of a new home with loving, lifelong, adoptive families. 

Adopted Flatcoats cannot be used for breeding purposes, registration papers will be requested but are kept on file, they are not handed over to new owners.  Vaccination certificates and medical history may be given to the new owner but always without disclosure of the previous owner’s name and address.

We keep contact with and have an interest in every dog that we re-home for the rest of their lives. 

It is also our policy to reserve the right to repossess the adopted dog and rescind all ownership rights in the unlikely event of any issues arising relating to the welfare of the dog.

Our Procedures

To enable us to place the dog in the most suitable and compatible home all relevant information about the dog will be requested, i.e. age, colour, sex, vaccination records, neutered/spayed, micro-chipped, temperament, obedience, sociable with people or other dogs, any health issues or history and the reason for re-homing. It is important that owners are honest with us in relation to this information as it could affect our decision on which home would be most suitable.

When a dog is to be transferred over to the Re-homing parting owners will be asked to sign the Surrender of Ownership form. After the form has been signed and the transfer has been made the IFRR has full responsibility for the dog, the owner has no remaining rights to the dog, is not entitled to any information as to the whereabouts of the dog’s new home or temporary accommodation and has no claim for any payment for or in respect of the dog but an update on the dog can be obtained from the Area Co-ordinator or Volunteer.

Dogs offered to the Re-homing are not purchased or sold, a donation will be accepted. A dog will not be advertised in the national, local press or on Social Media. There may be an appeal on social media if there are exceptional circumstances. 

We appreciate that the decision to re-home will not have been taken lightly; in most cases it is made out of love and selfless consideration of what is best for the dog. We also understand at times like these emotions can sometimes takeover from practicality, we will therefore always treat parting owners sympathetically and with respect. It is important however that we remain focused on our objective, the welfare of the Flatcoat in need of re-homing is our first priority and any decisions taken will be in the best interests of the dog.

 If you have a dog you wish to re-home or would like to talk to someone about the work we do please contact either National Co-ordinator, your local Area Co-ordinator  or email us.   contact us   


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