Area Co-ordinators

It gives us great pleasure to welcome our new Area Co-ordinators 


SALLY KEMPTON  -  Sally will be looking after Southern Area - email     [email protected] 

My name is Sally Kempton and I am based in Sevenoaks in Kent.  I have owned flatcoated retrievers since 1984.  My first flatcoat was a bitch who was home bred by a friend who now has one of my puppies.  My second flatcoat two years later was a rehomer who came to me aged two, because his owner broke both her wrists being dragged on a lead walk when he saw another dog. He was a challenging dog for the whole of his 15 years of life. 

I learned a lot about the breed from his antics. I now have three bitches and one dog and am an inspected (twice) Assured Breeder although due to work commitments I was unable to have a second litter as my bitch is now too old.  

I have been rehoming dogs for 20 years and flatcoats, in particular.  I mentor first time owners and first-time breeders of flatcoats where their breeder or stud dog owner is not available.  I am also an admin for Pedigree Flatcoat and Friends which is a mentor group on Facebook.  

SHARON TAMBLYN  - Sharon will be looking after the South Western Area - email [email protected] 

IAIN ROBBE - Iain will be looking after Wales and the West Midlands Area - [email protected] 

ANNE HALEY - Anne will be looking after North Western Area - [email protected] 

GEMMA JACOBS - Gemma will be looking after Eastern Area - [email protected] 

JUNE McPHILLIPS - June will be looking after Scotland  - [email protected] 

BREEDER LIAISON  - Gemma has kindly offered to liaise with any breeder that may have a dog returned to them that needs a new home. It is hoped that with Gemma's help we will to be able to work with breeders offer them help if needed.