Area Co-ordinators

    IFRR - Area Co-ordinators.                                                                                                       Breed Rescue amended RGB                                                                          


All our co-ordiantors are available to offer help and assistance for any flatcoated retriever or owner needing help. 


SHARON TAMBLYN  - Sharon is South Western Area Co-ordinator  - email [email protected] 

IAIN ROBBE - Iain is Wales and the West Midlands Area Co-ordinator - email  [email protected] 

Dr Iain Robbé has had the privilege of being a human animal companion to flat coated retrievers for more than thirty years. He has been a volunteer with the Independent Flatcoated Retriever Rehoming organisation since 2012 involved with fostering, home assessments, and transport.
Three flat coated retrievers have been rehomed to him in the past seven years.
In his professional life he is a medical practitioner for human animals with a particular interest in the care of people with cancers. He is active as a clinical medical educationist and he has retired from clinical practice.
In recent years he has had several projects with the veterinary schools of Bristol, Nottingham and Edinburgh universities involving teaching and research into professionalism, communication skills, empathy, and building resilience.

 NIGEL BENTLEY - Nigel is South Eastern Area Co-ordinator - email [email protected] 

I have been a Volunteer for the Rehoming for nearly 20 years.  That anniversary will be reached a little later this year ~ having first met Mary Haines at the Surrey Flatcoat Training Group Summer Picnic in July 2000.   As a Volunteer I have home-checked for prospective new homes, received or reported on dogs being surrendered to the Rehoming, adopted, fostered and provided transport.

Before meeting Mary, I had been regularly undertaking Home Checks as a Volunteer for 15 years with Friends of the Animals League at Biggin Hill in Kent ~ F.O.A.L. Farm.

My wife & I have had Flatcoated Retrievers within our family of dogs and cats since 1997 (and before that it was a Golden Retriever boy … and I grew up with Goldies owned by my own parents).  Our first Flatcoat boy came to us as a pup, joined about one year later by our first rescue girl.  Since that time we have rehomed a further 6 boys & girls ~ two of whom are/were FlatcoatX, and the rest pedigree.  Our current family, the Windover Flatcoat Gang, comprises three ~ with ages from 3 years to 13.5 years.

ANNE HALEY - Anne is North Western Area Co-ordinator - email  [email protected]  

GEMMA JACOBS - Gemma is Eastern Area Co-ordinator -  email  [email protected] 

JUNE McPHILLIPS - June is Scotland Area Co-ordinator   -  email  [email protected] 

SASHA HESELTINE -  Sasha is North Eastern Area Co-ordinator - email  [email protected] 

Sasha is based in the North Yorkshire and is looking forward to being Area Co-ordinator for the North East. She has bred Labradors for 20yrs and have only recently been converted to the absolute joy of flattie ownership. She currently has black labrador Jazz and her partner in crime is Lola, a flatcoat bitch. 

MELANIE SALT -  Melanie is Midlands Area Co-ordinator -  email [email protected]

BREEDER LIAISON  - Gemma has kindly offered to liaise with any breeder that may have a dog returned to them that needs a new home. It is hoped that with Gemma's help we will to be able to work with breeders offer them help if needed. 

MARY HAINES - Enquiries for Eire and Northern Ireland -  email  [email protected]