Silent Auction



There are a few prints remaining from the Silent Auctions - please contact Brenda for details [email protected]


A Big Thank You to all who made bids for our last Auction.



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 The Rehoming has had a very generous donation from Kate in Stafford and her friend, Sue in Germany of some Flatcoat prints to raise funds for the Rehoming and they have been sent to me, as Fundraiser.  Also our Cornish Volunteer, Bella has also given us another.  There are thirteen prints and a Greyhound print together with 3 Cigarette cards and a newspaper cutting, all of which we will give details on bidding form.

The Silent Auction is featured in our Magazine, Facebook and here on the website.

Each item has a reserve price, dates will be set as to when the bids must be entered.  Bids to be emailed to Glenis. Please remember to put your name, address, telephone number and email address when sending in your bids.   After the close of the ‘bid date’ we will then inform the highest bidder and then send the print to them.  If by any chance a print gets more than one bid at the same price, we will contact the bidder’s and ask if they would like to put a further bid in, until we get the highest bid.  Prints will be despatched by Courier Service, the largest prints being £5.00, obviously the smaller prints will be less, but we will inform you of these prices as we put them up for Auction.

Four prints will be put in each of the magazine editions, on Facebook and here on the website starting with Spring 2018 edition, until all prints etc are rehomed.

To Kate, Sue and Bella, we, at the Rehoming send our sincere thanks for your donations.