2018 IFRR Calendar


          Due to public demand we will be back for 2018!


If you would like to send us your pictures for consideration you can email them to [email protected] or you can put them on a disc or memory stick (these can be returned to you) those of you familiar with Dropbox can also send them via that service.

If you are sending your discs or memory sticks please do not forget to include a return address.

We would prefer pictures that have not been on Social Media or in any other form of publication.


There are just a few ‘rules’ to observe

  1. You must be the owner of the photograph and therefore by submitting it allowing the IFRR the copyright to print it.
  2. We prefer that the pictures are ‘originals’ and not been on any of the social media sites.
  3. Your pictures must be over 1MB in size to allow for good reproduction when printed. Preferably the original picture that the printer can crop if needed.
  4. Although we love the ‘posed’ pictures we really do like action shots of your dogs enjoying life and just being flatcoats!
  5. No professional photographs unless you are the professional.
  6. All photographs must be submitted by the 31st July 2017

 The IFRR will not use any of your pictures for any other publication without prior consent.

We will look forward to receiving all your pictures and hopefully it will be a difficult but pleasant task choosing them.